5 Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make With Their Pre-Teen’s Enrichment Activities That Crush Learning (And How To Avoid Them)

Are you ready to tame those mistakes crushing your child's love for learning?

My name is Chow Ping, creator of Aero Kids Academy, a discovery course that exposes pre-teens to the type of maths pilots do. I am on a mission to discover what makes a child enrichment program good — and what makes it great.

  • Watch your pre-teen pick up skills they never had before

  • Discover why your pre-teen is resistant to certain “fun” classes

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Day 1: The reason the pre-teen feels overwhelmed
Day 2: Why sometimes the lesson just doesn't land
Day 3: Everything else doesn't matter if we don't get this right
Day 4: What makes a pre-teen tick
Day 5: All play makes Jack a dull boy

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